Image of Until Your Heart Stops - We Are Not Coming Down 7"

Until Your Heart Stops - We Are Not Coming Down 7"

by Until Your Heart Stops

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Until Your Heart Stops-
We Are Not Coming Down 7"
Pulling Teeth
Ghost Town
Digging Holes
Black & White

Until Your Heart Stops – We Are Not Coming Down
This was my favorite record out of the package i received, and i wasn’t expecting it to be at all. When i first looked at it from a quick glance it was not all to appealing, the name did not really stick and i wasn’t to into the artwork. So after a while of it just sitting on my desk i finally put this record on and was shocked when the first song “Pulling Teeth” came in. The bass at the beginning sounds solid and the ending of the song was very catchy. The vocals are at a more mid range style and sound great with the feel of the entire band. Again like most bands from Cali, these guys are very fast and aggressive but with a melodic sound to them. The guitar parts as well as the tone are unique and were very appealing to my ears. My favorite tracks off this record would be “Lovers”, “Pulling Teeth” and “Ghost Town”. The first riff in “Ghost Town” almost sounds to me like a blues lick but played by a punk kid. I guess you should never judge a book by its cover, this is a very good debut EP, i hope this band sticks around long enough to write some more material, stay away from the trends, create your own style.